The 4 best adventure activities to do in the Brave Coast

We propose you, four adventure activities to do in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

All of them are  innovative, fun, safe and environmentaly respectful.

  • Outdoor Scape Room: Enjoy our three diferent stories. One of the scape room it’s done by kayaking, another by walk and the last one snorkeling.
  • Bike Rental: We are close to the Via Verda, a cycle path that crosses all the towns in Girona region. So what a better way of knowing our environment?
  • Via ferrata equipment rental: In Sant Feliu you can find the only ferrata in the world that takes place above the sea, the Via Ferrata Cala del Molí.
  • Coasteering and guided tours to Via Cala del Molí: Book them if you want to live the wildest part ofthe Brave Coast.

Those activities are innovative and environmentaly respectful (respectful with the environment). Such a different way of discovering Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a town located in the heart of the Brave Coast.


If you are loooking for adventure group activities around Girona, you are lucky because you have just found what you were looking for.

The activities we offer are both for tourists or locals, families or friends, even you do not need to be fit. Everybody is welcomed, so do not miss the opportunity. It wil be different, fun and unforgettable.

You can find more information about each activity in our website.

We are placed Sant Pol Beach, Passeig Sant Pol without number. Our headquarter is a blue squared building just in front of the sand. From there we are starting all of our games.

Our activities are such a different way of discovering the most hidden places, the ones that do not appear in the guides and that only the locals know.

The memories are one of the most important things in life, thats why we strongly believe in the importance of creating unforgetable memories and that is the meaning of our work.

We assure you will get laughs, good and funny moments surrounded by the salty water and nature.

Furthermore, we add an informative value to our activities by giving information about the flora and the fauna of the place, and historical events that took place in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

We have a dressing room where you can also leave your belonings.

All of Verd Mar Activitats guides will be actively involved in you and your group because we know that being kind and offering a smile is the minimum thing we can offer you.

After a few hours having fun you will ended it up taking a lemonade by the sea. Don’t worry the sea and the lemonade are provided by us.

If you are looking for the right gift, give a VERD MAR ACTIVITIES‘ adventure. It’s the right choice if it’s a group gift, because all of you will enjoy it.

This is an unforgetable experience so look for the one that fits you most give memories.

You can download the gift card by clicking here

To turn the gift card on:

1ST: Do the payment of the total amount of the activity, to this checking account: ES61 2100 0597 1502 0022 8013

2ND: Send the proof of the transfer

3RD: We will be sending the code to book activity.

If you need more information, you can find it here

Book here!



escape outdoor
by walk
escape outdoor
escape outdoor
by kayak
via ferrata rental
mountainbike rental
guided tour via ferrata

You can’t decide yet? Keep reading about adventure activities in Sant Feliu.

We are really happy to live in such a magical place like the Brave Coast, that’s why we want to preserve our environment.

Our activities are super respectful and leave no environmental footprint.

We try to aware our customers, and also those who are not, about the consequences of not being careful with the environment.

Every year, we organise a garbage collection event in the beaches and coves in the area.

Moreover, Verd Mar has a paralel project, which financiation is due to these activities, called FLOWER SOUP where we take care of the bees. Basicly, we rescue bees and move them to 3 diferent bees sanctuarys, where their honey is not recollected.

The sunscreen, a cap and to be on time!

Some of the activities may need some additional and especific needs, you can see them on our web or in the confirmation mail.

Although, if you still have dubts you can call us, send us a whatsapp, writing a mail or fill the contact form.

Phone and whatsapp: +34 628 842 450