Bartolomew Roberts Treasure

Will you find the Bartolomew Roberts Treasure? 


In this escape from Bartolomew Roberts Treasure you will take a walking tour of one of the most beautiful and ancient parts of the round road.

The round road was used by pirates and privateers for smuggling merchandise. Find the treasure that stole Bartolomew Roberts. 👉 Book now!




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How does the game work?

A clue is given at the beginning of the gym. This track gives you access to continue with the race in which you have to go through various obstacles and perform activities such as: swimming, following tracks and solving puzzles. 


How long is the outdoor Escape?

EThe Escape outdoor has a duration of 120 minutes, enough time to test your skills and those of your team to win.



Where can it be done?

This game is unique, you can book from our website. We are located on the beach of San Pol, in S’agaró, Sant Feliu de Guixols on the Costa Brava. Just 10 minutes from Playa de Aro. Come to see us!


What is needed to perform the gymnastic?

✔️ Comfortable shoe

✔️ Swimsuit (In case in any cove you feel uncontrollable desire to bathe)

                            ✔️ Do not forget the sunscreen

We put the snorkel mask and the tube. We have different sizes.


Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the escape room outdoor. As well as large groups. 



Security measures

A member of the company (game master) will supervise and be aware of everyone’s safety. Civil Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance. 


Services we offer you

In our facilities you can store all your belongings and we have dressing rooms.

                            Outdoor showers on the beach. 

                            Graphic material of the adventure (Photos and videos). 

                            You will find free parking.



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If you need more information, you can contact us through the following form.