Los The Escape Room Costa Brava Outdoor  or Life Game of Verd Mar Activitats, try to test the skills of the participants that are integrated into a game full of activities, imagination, strength and determination to meet the goal of discovering something. Participants will live unpublished experiences in natural locations.

We are the only company that offers these escape games in Sant Feliu, outdoors.











EThese outdoor escape rooms run in the bay of Sagaró, Sant Feliu de Guixols, in the province of Girona. We are very close to Platja D’aro!

In the crossing of Escape Room Costa Brava, competitors are in direct contact with nature, develop physical skills through the use of instruments, equipment or other sports accessories with which they can travel through water and land.



The Treasure of Bartlomew Roberts You will discover one of the most beautiful parts of the round road, while trying to find the Treasure that the pirate Bartolomew Roberts hid.






Secrets of Tramontana Some people have disappeared on the Costa Brava and you should use your detective skills to solve the case. To complete the game you must transfer by kayak.






The Legend of Captain Blackbeard  Captain Blackbeard began in piracy on the Costa Brava. In order to recover your loot you must get into the water!





The Legend of Captain Blackbeard, Bartolomew Roberts’s treasure and Secrets of Tramontana, which promotes the Verd Mar Activitats company are part of the Costa Brava Outdoor Room Escape games that are made outdoors and every day they gain more followers because it encourages new experiences and innovates in a way to offer a tourist service with training value.



Participating in outdoor Escape Room or Life Game activities offers important advantages that we show below. As part of the advantages that Escape Room Costa Brava brings: se encuentra:

  • Better capacity for organization and spatial and temporal orientation acquired by the participants and resulting in an improvement of the reflections in their daily life.
  • Improves memory, attention and analysis capacity.
  • It promotes socialization and communication as well as teamwork.
  • It favors the so-called Team Building.
  • It is a way to meet more people.
  • It promotes adventure tourism, because it is a region with beautiful landscapes and many natural resources very useful to develop this type of activities.



Participation in this type of games and activities implies that the participants accept and comply with a series of rules that are as indicated below:

  • On the routes, security is guaranteed.
  • Participants must be dressed in sportswear.
  • It is recommended for children from 9 years.
  • In general, the Tutor mode is used that allows players to be accompanied by the race guide and more if there are children under 14 years old.
  • LScheduled activities can be advanced or suspended if there is bad weather.
  • See cancellation conditions.

For any questions that may arise you can contact us through the following form: